August 30, 2018


I sent my entry in yesterday on opening day for my GMO's last show of the year.  That'll make my second and last test of 2018.

(90% of the reason I sent my entry in on opening day is that the first 30 complete entries get a food voucher to this food truck that comes to our shows with the most amazing breakfast tacos...#priorities #foodmotivated.  The other 10% is that I hope I earn enough brownie points to get put in the nice barn.)

I signed up for 2-2, which I've never done before, but it's always been my favorite of the Second Level tests for Connor on paper.  It's like it's designed to help me keep him on my aids with some of our favorite movements (turn on the haunches, travers, 10m half circles at the trot), and I really want to ride it once before the tests roll over this fall.

Dream team

Some parts of it will be a reach, but not such a reach that we'll totally embarrass ourselves.  The biggest issues will be the left 20m half circle counter canter (which we can do, but it's not as pretty as the right), and the half 10m canter circle to counter canter immediately after a medium canter.  And of course the simple changes, but even those are getting a lot easier now that I'm sitting better.

Which of you guys is going to be there with me?  Can't wait to see all my show friends again!


  1. Free breakfast tacos with early entry is the best perk EVER.

  2. Good luck!! That breakfast taco perk sounds amazing! I'd probably show a lot more if they gave us free food (which makes no sense financially but still).

  3. Free breakfast tacos? I'M IN!!!

  4. I would be motivated by free food too. I run road races solely for the medals and t-shirts.
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be great!

  5. I giggled about the food truck but I also, at the same time, wish that we had something like that at our shows!! Good luck! You guys are going to be amazing :)

  6. Yum breakfast tacos! I hope you get the voucher and have amazing rides!

  7. Yeah!!! We will be there! Looking forward to seeing you and Connor!