September 3, 2018

What's Connor Eating - Summer 2018 Edition

Earlier this summer, even with a muzzle, Connor got fat:

June 2018.  Crease down his back, fat deposits by his tailhead, fat deposits showing up on his sides

The barn owners here did an amazing job laying these pastures down.  They worked with a top agriculture research university to figure out what blend of warm and cool season grasses would do best here.  They also fertilized the pastures and very much kept up on pasture maintenance.

So all that is to say, this is the best grazing Connor has ever had.  And I'm exceptionally sensitive to not letting him get too fat.  It's so easy (and even accepted in some halter circles) to let this breed get overweight, I'm not going to let myself slide into that mental trap.

In the winter, he's on a scoop of Tribute Kalm Ultra and a half scoop of Tribute Essential K.  By the time that picture from June had been taken, he'd already been cut back to a half scoop of each, and it was still too much.

August 2018: A great weight

Since the end of June all he's been on has been maaaaybe a half scoop of Essential K.  Even with the muzzle, it really does not take much to keep him going in the summer.  Thank goodness for ration balancers!

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