January 29, 2019

Get Your Tissues - You're Warned

From a record number of words about adulting yesterday, to a small amount of words about a crying little girl today:

PC: Zoe Metz Photo via Paulick Report
"This Zoe Metz photo of trainer Michael McCarthy and [seven-year-old] daughter Stella saying goodbye to City of Light hits us right in the feels. The Pegasus World Cup winner is off to begin his stud career at Lanes End Farm in Kentucky."

Anyone who's spent time in or around the racing industry knows they leave your life as fast as they come into it - whether they're claimed, sold, moved to another trainer, retired to a second career, or retired to the breeding shed - but that doesn't mean you don't get attached.

“He's the horse of a lifetime. I don't know what else I can say..."
McCarthy acknowledged it will be tough going back to his Santa Anita barn with City of Light not being there.
“So we'll kind of hit the ground running and try to replace him,” he said. “I don't know that we ever can, but we'll try to find something.”

Stella, I hope your dad takes you on lots of trips to Kentucky to visit your buddy!

Full article: City of Light's Pegasus Win Just 'Icing on the Cake' for McCarthy


  1. aw <3 that's so cute! also makes me mildly jealous of her childhood haha

  2. It doesn't matter the industry, a special horse is a special horse, and a good trainer or groom, or whomever, knows one when they have him/her. I hope that little girl gets to visit him in his new life.

  3. How fortunate we all are to love horses and have them in our lives. <3

  4. Oh boy I'm relieved, when I saw the post title I was fearing something really tragic. :)

    1. Haha, sorry! I just get so sad every time I see that little girl's face.

  5. What a sweet photo.. I might have teared up a little..