May 27, 2019

Some Fantastic Customer Service from Equisense

A couple of weeks ago, Equisense started putting advertisements into the product in two spots.  One was product placement in the very bottom of your individual session page, where they give you recommendations on exercises to do based on your metrics from that session.

That one doesn't bother me, except that I hate supplement marketing in general, but at least it's easily ignored.  They don't charge a monthly fee for all the cloud services that go into this thing, so they need to make money somewhere, and if this is where they do it, I'm fine with that.

The one that did bother me was the ad for Equisense's new product that took up the top half of my recent sessions page and didn't have a "Dismiss" option:

Every. Day.  This is what this page looked like.

I go so far out of my way to avoid advertisements in my daily life, it's almost excessive.  So this bothered me, especially since I already spent $300 on their first product and I have no intention to buy their second product (which adds heart rate monitoring to what the first one can do).

So I posted a very fair comment calmly laying out my objections on their Facebook Community page, asking them to either remove the ad or at least to give us a "dismiss" option.  I said I wouldn't mind a pop-up once to let me know about a new product, but to see that every single time I use the app is ridiculous.

I expected them to moderate that comment into oblivion and to never hear back, but imagine my surprise when I got a PM from their social media person that said this:

And what do you know?  Just before she sent that message my Equisense app had updated, and the ad was gone!

My comment never got posted, but that's fair, it's their page and they can do what they want.  But the fact that they listened to me and took the time to message me about it once it was gone really gave me the warm fuzzies.  Hats off to Equisense for some great customer service!


  1. Good customer service goes a long way! So good to hea this about this company!

  2. Nice!!!! And now you're add free :) Or at least for a bit longer

  3. Wow! That's really awesome. I'm curious, for training/feedback purposes do you prefer the Equisense or the Pixio or are they too different to compare?

  4. That is not only a super quick turn around but awesome they would shut off the ads completely!