December 31, 2019

Decade in Review: The Highlights

Ten years and one day ago today, I hit "Publish" on this blog for the very first time, so it seems especially appropriate that I should join in on the "Decade in Review" posts. Here are the top three things that happened each year over the last 1,547 posts.

  1. Got introduced to Welsh Cobs when the chair of the equine department begged me to break her Castleberry pony, Shae, in the Training and Handling II class because "you're small and you have a sense of humor"
  2. Met Shae's breeder, kicking off a lifelong friendship
  3. Graduated with my Equine Studies degree, eloped to Italy, got the job that kicked off my career, and moved to my current city
That's Brown Recluse bite aftermath on his neck and shoulder


  1. Started taking lessons with my current trainer
  2. Started doing CrossFit seriously, mainly because my trainer was on bed rest with a pregnancy and I was bored
  3. Connor became mine <3


  1. Went to our first Dressage show
  2. My husband lost his job and wouldn't be fully employed again for another couple years
  3. Rode Connor's sire, *Tuscani Dundee, in the Hoosier Horse Fair Parade of Stallions

  1. Went to our first event
  2. Jumped 2'6 for the first time
  3. I took a deep breath and full clipped for the first time
Used with permission, PC: Suzanne Fischer

  1. Moved up to rated BN
  2. Showed in Chicago for the first time
  3. Started meeting bloggers in person! 
The max height/width BN table he jumped from a standstill, marking the beginning of the end of his eventing career, lol

  1. Visited JenJ for the first time.  And the second time!
  2. Bought my CWD, a truck, my first trailer (thanks to JenJ), and a 125 year old house.  It was an expensive year, lol
  3. Did what would be Connor's final rated BN, finishing with 33.5 after a rail in stadium
Also thanks to JenJ, this badass XC outfit
  1. Our first full season of Dressage
  2. Hung out with JenJ at a jousting event in Indiana that involved drinking Scotch in full medieval costumes under the stars, impaling cabbages on tent spikes under the cover of darkness, sleeping in my truck and sending some strangers home to Texas with a taxidermied buffalo head
  3. Got a Pixio

  1. Moved Connor to a barn 3 miles from my house, and then my trainer followed me four months later
  2. Rode Mr. P!
  3. Went to National Dressage Pony Cup
Also hung out with these degenerates <3
  1. Rode Jen's Taran and learned quite a bit about myself from him
  2. Flew to Colorado with Connor's breeder to watch Erika and Gavin and another Castleberry pony compete in the RMDS championships
  3. Rode with KPG thanks to Karen winning an essay contest!

A fellow Welsh Cob-lover gushing over my Welsh Cob.  Also, an Olympian

  1. Got our first Second Level score toward our Bronze
  2. Rode with Mary Wanless twice, which led to riding with CGP
  3. Went on the Great Saddle Search


  1. Conner in all his dragon gear on XC is the best. You ned to find a way to incorporate more dragons into your dressage outfits.

    1. I knowwwwwww. The USDF is so much more lame!

  2. Wow! What a cool ride you've been on. I realized I've been reading along for most of the decade. That's crazy!

    1. Time flies doesn't it?! I realized the same thing about Aimee's blog. We've been doing this a long time.

  3. Big decade! I didn't know how you'd gotten into the breed, so fun to read the backstory!

    1. Yeah! It was a very serendipitous thing all the way around.

  4. I can't believe it has been ten years already. Time flies when we're having fun! Thanks for me being part of your journey these last ten years. I am so proud and honored to call you, "My other daughter". Cheers to the next ten years, and to the adventures they will bring!

  5. Wow time flies! Connor is pretty cool in his welsh dragon outfit! Here's to a great next 10yrs!

  6. You were blogging and cross-fitting before it was cool! =)

  7. That's a pretty epic recap! So much exciting stuff happened! Also where's the photo of wearing armour and spearing cabbages? I want to see!

  8. You sure packed a lot into ten years! Very cool seeing it all recapped in one place. Happy new year!