December 12, 2019

Saddle Search Update

When we last left off in my saddle fitting saga, I had decided to move forward with the Eq Saddle Science flapless Dressage, knowing that I would #1 take an extended trial of it, and #2 request a second trial saddle, this time the blocktester version.

The blocktester version exists to do exactly what it sounds like: allows people to test blocks of different sizes and shapes in various positions on the knee roll area.  It comes with three sets of blocks, and they're going to be adding a fourth in January 2020.

This saddle is an older model compared to the trial one, and it's a 17.5" instead of a 17.  Which...

...I gotta be honest, I'm digging.  And not (entirely) because I've finally gotten serious about hitting the gym consistently over the past two months and gone up a pant size since the saddle search began.  (Far more importantly, I tied my all-time back squat PR from four years ago this week at 175 lbs/115lbs body weight and my workouts are starting to feel easier!  Bring on the booty!)

And had a huge breakthrough in snatch biomechanics

I scheduled the blocktester to where I'd ride in it for both of my trainers - my home trainer tonight, and then I have back to back weekend lessons scheduled with my GP trainer this weekend before she leaves to winter in Florida.  And Jan is coming too!

The one thing that's going sideways right now is Connor.  My trainer has noticed it too, he's not lame, but he's unusually reluctant under saddle currently, both in terms of forward, relaxation and just general balance.  I don't think this is saddle related because he feels the same for my trainer in her saddle as he feels in my jump and the flapless, and he's not palpating sore at all.

We did this remote saddle fitting outside for cell signal reasons and Connor was like "...why?"

My best guess is that he's had an ulcer flareup, since he's been increasingly girthy over the past couple of months - with all types of saddles - and he's started spooking at nothing again too.  Either way, Carmi, the owner of Eq Saddle Science that has been doing all of my fittings, is encouraging me not to buy until I have some amazing rides again, so I can be 100% sure I'm making the right choice for both of us, which I totally appreciate.


  1. Dear Connor - Your mom is trying to spend a lot of money so that you are as comfortable as physically possible and love your job as much as possible. Please get with the program so the saddle can make her butt sing. K? K!

  2. Man, ulcers are the WORST! I'm so lucky that Truby is 100% off that bs. But how awesome does that company sound to being with, and then telling you to wait a bit to be sure? NICE.

  3. Poor Connor! I hope he feels better soon and it's so great the saddle fitter totally gets it and will let you hold onto the trials for an extended amount of time

  4. I hope Connor is feeling better asap! I'm also really happy to hear that your rep isn't pushing you into anything while your horse isn't 100%.

  5. Ugh. Ulcers are so frustrating. It sounds like this company has great customer service though.

  6. Feel better, Connor!! Thank goodness for reps with a heart.

  7. That is an amazing back squat, congrats!!! Hope Connor starts to feel better soon, it's so frustrating when they are just a little off but nothing super easily identifiable.