February 26, 2020

Lesson Wrap-Up: Transitions and Balance

Last night I had my first lesson in a while, and it was just awesome.

From the very beginning, I was just grinning from ear to ear.  He's getting so much easier to ride, and that makes me ride better, which makes him go better, and it's just a fantastic feedback loop.

We worked on not allowing him to dislodge my "carousel pole" in the transitions as MW would say.  This requires me to be very organized and firm in my body (something that's getting tons easier thanks to Pilates!) and it also requires me to be quieter with my aids, my legs in particular.

I also have to carefully manage his balance with a lot of half halts, which is a good thing!  It's so much easier to do when he's this engaged, and the communication is so much more refined. 

Not the best halt, but I love the way he stays on my aids and asks me what's next

I would not describe it as particularly brilliant work, but brilliance will come after strength and balance.  What matters right now is the way he's using himself, the muscle he's putting on, and the balance and feel we're both developing.  This feels like a starting point.  A fun, pliable, engaged, relaxed starting point.

Too much neck bend, but this sequence felt so EASY

Afterward, my trainer looked at him standing in the crossties and said "His butt is getting huge."  I've noticed the same thing myself.  His topline, butt and most impressively, his abs have all exploded recently. 

Worst conformation shot ever, sorry little buddy.  But check out that belly - that's not a hay belly!
So happy right now <3