March 3, 2020

Product Review: AriatTek Alpaca Wool Performance Socks

My winter riding wardrobe has been pretty well set for years at this point - and if you remember, my winter wardrobe is extra important because I have a condition that causes my hands and feet to go numb easily, and then causes me to nearly pass out when the blood comes back to them. 

Socks are always coming and going though, as socks do.  I've never been truly impressed by any winter socks I've tried (and I have tried THEM ALL), which is why I always supplement them with disposable whole-foot foot warmers if I'm riding below 30, or if I'm sitting still outside and it's below 60.

That is, until I took a flyer on these when I needed to hit a free shipping threshold a few months ago:

Guys.  These socks are my holy grail.  They are so warm, they've actually pushed back the threshold at which I need footwarmers.  They're so warm, I wear them for our 10 minute walk to our favorite bar downtown and find my feet getting warm during dinner, something that normally doesn't happen  when I wear other winter socks there.  And they're so light, I don't even notice I'm wearing them.

Why are they so good?  Alpaca fibers!  Alpaca fibers "have an advantage over wool though because of the extra hollow space in the fiber. This additional space creates a greater thermal capacity and allows for more warm air to fill the textile and provide extra warmth over its sheep’s wool counterpart....Alpaca fleece offers equivalent softness, more warmth and higher wicking properties than merino wool, and is also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly."

"Yeah what up, the superior sock producing animal here checking in"

I've been wearing them all winter, and they've washed up well and held up great.  The only thing I don't like is that they're crew socks, so they tend to slide down my legs a bit when I'm pulling breeches over them.  But, if these were knee high, they'd probably be prohibitively expensive, so there's that.  At any rate, I still love them so much I've since bought a total of six pairs for me and two pairs for gifts!

They're tough to find online - not sure if they're being discontinued, if it's just an end-of-season thing, or if most riding apparel companies just didn't pick them up - so if you are interested in trying them, jump on it!

Bottom line: These outperform wool socks, hunting socks, ski socks, shiny reflecting-your-body-heat socks, men's socks, Canadian socks and literally every other sock I've ever tried, and I'm obsessed with them.

What: AriatTek Alpaca Performance Socks
Price: $16.95 on RW or $13.95 direct from Ariat (free shipping at Ariat too)
Size/color options: RW has black/grey in XS/S (up to women's size 8) and M/L (8+), as well as navy/red in XS/S.  Ariat has beige/rose in XS/S.
Where to buy: Riding Warehouse | Ariat


  1. I have a pair of Dalhgren alpaca socks. They are not only the warmest socks I own, they are the most comfortable. They are crazy expensive but I plan to buy more...

  2. I wish I could wear them. Despite the claim that they're hypoallergenic, Alpaca still makes me itch. Of course I'm also allergic to almost everything (including horses LOL). Allergy meds for the win ;)

  3. Is it just me or does that alpaca actually kinda look like a sock wearing a bowtie?

  4. Well, I guess you can call yourself an influencer now cause I just bought a pair. My feet were so cold even in my Dubarrys on Saturday morning for some reason! Here's to hoping I can just tuck them away until next winter...

  5. I think it's clear that you need to buy an alpaca.

  6. I'm pretty lucky that my brother knits...I have two pair alpaca socks and they are incredible! Love them for the winter, nothing beats them. Anna

  7. I'll have to find some alpaca socks! I have reynauds so my feet are always freezing.

  8. They are warm but mine only lasted two months!

    1. Did you wash and dry them on delicate (or air dry them)? They are pretty finicky from a care perspective, but mine all lasted an entire winter with no issues.