February 5, 2021

Jumping Weird Stuff

On Wednesday night this week, Mary came out and we decided to try to jump Aeres over "weird stuff" with a rider aboard for the first time to see what happened. We had lunged her over these same objects (flower boxes and barrels) a few weeks ago, and she had peeked at them but went right over, so we hoped it wouldn't be too wild.

It was not wild. In fact, it was the opposite of wild. This was her first time ever jumping those barrels, and the barrels were the least exciting thing that happened in this line:

Mary pulled her up and said "Oh my gosh, now I REALLY think she'd love eventing. CONNOR would have snorted and propped at those barrels and she didn't even flick an ear at them!"

Since I showed you that attempt where she went bowling for that oxer (after not touching it the first four times she went over it, I might add), I feel the need to redeem her reputation by showing you her very next attempt, which was the one we ended on that night:

She is just so game and has such precise awareness of where her feet are in relation to things like poles. It's so much fun to see her find her place in the world like this!


  1. Barrels definitely bother me more than most horses X)

  2. What a great girl. I love her self-confidence

  3. I know she's super valuable as a broodmare, but she is just so darn NICE! I wish she could do both!

  4. Ugh... Can't Mary buy her? I want her to stick around!