February 10, 2021

Snow Ride

On Monday night, we were supposed to get 1-2" of snow. And snowfall forecasts being the most tricky thing in meteorology, they ended up being quite wrong in the fun direction.

5.5" of fluffy, fluffy powder

It's been years since we got enough snow to fully cover the grass, and probably even longer than that since we got a snowfall that stuck around for more than 24 hours. But it's so cold here right now, this snow isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And you know what that means!

I put a post up on our barn's private Facebook page saying I was heading out for a snowy hack in the open field after work and anyone was welcome to join me. I got one taker, S, who hadn't ever ridden in the snow before and was a little nervous that her boy Hector would be silly. But he was perfect.

We just walked, trying to make this a positive experience for Hector and also not wanting to overwork the horses who aren't used to walking in snow over their fetlocks.

Connor started out making me regret putting his nathe in, walking faster than Hector and not letting me take pictures. But by the end he was cruising along on the buckle. 


Someone remind me five years from now when I'm riding a baby that they do successfully make it through the baby weirdness and become solid citizens. I've owned this horse a decade this year, and I'm still sometimes amazed that he's become the go-anywhere-do-anything on the buckle in an open field kind of guy he is today.

Chilling loose in the barn while waiting on his buddy to get tacked up


  1. Snow rides are the best!

    You could get lucky and Connor has a second "idiot young horse" phase like Tristan seems to be going through right now...

  2. My boy is in his 20’s and I’ve had him for 12 years. Every spring we have 4-6 weeks of the ‘spring stupids’ to deal with. Foots love him but some days lol!

  3. Enjoy the snow! By this time of year, I'm tired of it and so your enthusiasm is refreshing :)