April 7, 2021

Grazing Muzzle Season

Muzzle season is upon us once more.

Hooray. Look how excited I am.

This year, Greengard came out with proper corner straps for their muzzles. In the past, they recommended using baling twine to keep sneaky pony noses inside the muzzle, but the Velcro straps are a huge upgrade over that. That said, we still went through our usual new muzzle fitting rodeo, where I think I have it right, and he outwits me, and then I adjust it, and he realizes he can't get it off anymore and gets annoyed.

Um, halp.

Halp, plz.

That's uh, not how I wanted you to solve this

He also went through his annual shock-denial-anger-acceptance cycle with it.

Get. Off. My. Face. You. Stupid. Basket.

 Before finally giving up and eating like a civilized pony.

Sorry buddy, it's for your own good.

"Thanks I hate it"


  1. Grazing muzzles: a necessary evil. Lol I have a regular halter style one for my mini and he hates it. But it works. I need to look up the greenguard ones and see if a) I can get them here and b) if they have one wee enough for the mini.

    1. They do have a mini-sized muzzle, Connor's is 5 inches across, the pony size is 4 inches across, and the mini is 3.5. Can't speak to whether they ship there though!

  2. I'm so jealous of your grass and pastures. Drool.

  3. I don't miss muzzle season. After Winston got laminitis while wearing a muzzle, I am glad to have very little grass. I do remember the struggles and how creatively cobs can work around them.

  4. Whattttt. Where did you get the corner straps?!

    I ordered a new one for Spud last year and those would be a game changer for him.

    1. They're on GG's website! They had soft launched them (put them on the website but not advertised them yet) at the time I bought them: https://www.gg-equine.com/collections/all-products/products/gg-houdini-helper-corner-straps

  5. That is such a good idea. My gelding gets his muzzle off all the time. I'll add corner straps to it... if I can find it in the paddock...