April 6, 2021

Spring Cleaning: Pony Edition

On Easter Sunday, I pretty much had the barn to myself on a day with picture perfect spring weather. First I had yet another gloriously amazing ride, and then I turned my attention to cleaning Connor up ahead of our first couple of shows of the season - which his Aunt Mary was delighted by.

First up, a mane pull. 



Next, I waffled on this, but I decided to take his feathers off again this year. He'll have enough grown back by October when the next Welsh show is, and we're battling winter scurf AGAIN on the hinds. It'll make it easier to treat, and also will be a little more Dressage appropriate than his sad little wisps are.

Getting better at this, but dang it's so hard on a horse with THIS MUCH leg hair year round

Coming out of winter looking pretty darn good!

Eat your heart out, Mary B!

Bring on show season!


  1. I would not be good having a cob or something with leg hair, because I always want my legs super naked. But breed standards, blah blah. He looks good!

  2. Haha I always thought one of the best things about switching to dressage is the minimal mane pulling :)

  3. Lol... one of my ammy friends at the barn was so disgusted with my lack of hair removal that she cut Eros' feathers off for me. (She asked first fear not!) We're not meant to have feathers in hunter land!
    Connor looks so handsome all cleaned up!

    1. It drives Mary craaaaaaaazy too since she comes from H/J-land, haha. I just wish Connor had MORE feathers, especially in the summer his feathering is so light, it just looks unkempt. In the winter he looks like a proper Cob.

  4. Every winter I let my horse's mane grow a little too long and have regrets by spring lol.... how thick is Connor's hair? Does it make your hands hurt with pulling?