June 17, 2021

Away Shows

Today we leave for Waterloo. And the packing, OMG, the packing.

Part of the reason I felt like it was necessary to do Waterloo was that I need to practice traveling for long and far away shows before Pony Cup. We haven't traveled away from home for a show since the last time I did Pony Cup in 2017, and we haven't shown five hours away from home or done a four day show trip since Fox River Valley in 2016.


Fox River Valley. Eventing this horse was such a f****** adventure, lol.

As a result, I've lulled myself into this false sense of security about things like packing and laundry. When you live 20 minutes from the show grounds, you can come home and wash your whites in between rides and it's not the end of the world if you forget your grain at the barn. When you're five hours away from home...yeah.

Like, who knew you needed to own more than one show shirt?

And more than one pair of white breeches.

And a cooler. (We've been married a decade and somehow have never owned a proper cooler?)


Filled with the proper horse show supplies, naturally

This is also the furthest I've ever hauled by myself, so the truck is got an oil change and a bumper-to-bumper inspection complete with photos of consumable parts from my favorite shop, and two new automotive fire extinguishers.

We're as ready as I'll ever be! Now, if only I felt this prepared about riding 2-2...


  1. OH SO FUN! Good luck and safe travels!!!

  2. All adventures I will never have (I'm okay with that). Safe travels and fun rides!

  3. Good luck, and have fun!! I'm impressed you only have one show shirt - I buy one almost every time I see them on sale X) (which is not really a deal if you don't really need it...)
    Are you sleeping in your truck/trailer or proper lodging?

  4. Enjoy! It's going to be epic!
    (Also, I think Disco wants to be on your sidebar...)

  5. Oh man so you may find that cooler does not suffice in the end (though I don't know how far Igloos have come) I do recommend checking out the ORCA

    1. It actually did very well, kept ice for 48 hours with the cooler stored in my hot truck on 90 degree days and would've probably gone all weekend if I kept it somewhere cooler. I know it's not as overbuilt as some of the nicer ones, but at only $75 it gets the job done for weekend shows and uh didn't hurt my pocketbook anymore than it had to, which was especially good last week $$$$$, lol.