June 18, 2021

Packing is Hard, Part 2

It's a good thing I'm practicing this away show thing.

Things I forgot:

  • Sports bras. All of them. Every single one.
  • Schooling breeches

Don't mind me, just schooling in skinny jeans and a jump saddle with my boobs flying everywhere at a rated Dressage show. 😁

(Side note: the matchy matchy DQ game is MUCH stronger in Michigan than in Indiana, my goodness. It's a good thing I'm a badass self-confident individual that doesn't care what other people think of me because my 7 year old $15 Tango brand saddle pad was very out of place among PS of Sweden ALL THE THINGS. People had head to toe matching outfits with their horse, and there I was feeling accomplished because my green t-shirt didn't clash with my blue saddle pad, lol)

This place fancy.

Things I didn't forget:

  • The pony

    Survived his 5 hour journey in the trailer just fine. And hello, I got 14mpg on the way there, good job truck!

  •  My whip...clearly...😂 Just over here giving my truck a second antenna, don't mind me.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Lol. This has happened to me. Now I use an app to create a packing list.

    1. Would you believe I did that...and forgot to put sports bras on the checklist 😂

  2. The matchy game is strong right now! One away show, I crawled out of my tent in the field one morning to see adjacent to me a lady was parking her fancy car, groom waiting for her in the parking lot with immaculately braided horse and mounting block in place.So that's how you keep your show clothes impeccably tidy!

  3. Honest to doG lol'd reading this post. That'll keep your elbows in! But I'm totally distracted by your choice of Claw flavor in both packing posts. LIME?

  4. Oh man! Hope there's a Target nearby!

  5. I know this exact feeling! Most of my shows are 20 minutes away as well, it was a bit of a rude awakening to pack for my last away show when I was like, man I have to pick my show outfit ahead of time?? I always start packing for any trip with underwear first and extra contacts and my glasses second in my toiletry bag because I figure those are the couple things I can't easily borrow or run out and buy quick.

    I didn't realize matching was such a thing in dressage right now, I kinda like matching my shirt to my saddle pad and bonnet but then I feel like that's more matching than most jumpers are doing these days.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. Matchy riders are awesome! I mean, I can't be one (who's got $150+ for a saddle pad and some ear thingies? clearly not me) but it's fun to look at all the cool colours people have!
    Looking forward to reading the show recap!

  7. hahaha yes, the packing game is hard - I used to be so good at it when I lived 2 hours away from the horse show, and now I mentally blank since most shows are so close (and I stand in front of my giant show clothes collection going 'why do I have so many clothes' the answer of course being you had to have extras in case you spilled something or fell off.