July 8, 2021

Show Season: 2nd Half

Sending Connor off to get the changes installed means I'm going to pass on USDF Regionals, which I'm qualified for. If by some miracle I did qualify for Finals at Regionals, I'd want to go, and then he'd only have a maximum of 6 weeks at GP trainer's for changes training before she left for Florida, so I'd rather just remove that temptation entirely by skipping Regionals.

Honestly at this point, I want to put Second in the rearview mirror more than anything else because I'm tired of it after being stuck there for so long, because Connor's not getting any younger, and because I think we're at the point where we're not going to progress unless we start working on Third+.

So that said, this is what the rest of the season looks like.

July: National Dressage Pony Cup (2-2 and 2-3)

Four years ago at Pony Cup, showing 1-2

Why: It's Pony Cup, duh! Also, this will give me two more chances to get All Breeds scores (We need three more scores of 60%+ to be eligible)


August: Lamplight (2-1 and 2-3)

Yeah, I'm excited to show here

Why: Honestly, mostly for fun. I've never shown at Lamplight before, GP trainer's whole crew from Waterloo is going again, one of my college roommates is showing at that show, and I have a ton of family in that area, including an aunt with a spare bedroom that lives 8 minutes from Lamplight! So why not? Plus, this should hopefully round out my All Breeds scores, barring any major disasters.

September: IDS Ride Offs (2-3)

Why: Support ya local GMO! We qualified for our local GMO's championships at Second, and it's the last weekend of September and 20 minutes from home. If by this point we're working on things that break other things at Second Level, I would not be upset if we scored poorly here - although this is "championships", it's still an unrated schooling show.

October: WPCSA Central Regional

Last year's Welsh show, the one and only time I wore that teal jacket before I sold it to JenJ


Why: Our local Welsh club is hosting a BIG central regional again this year at the facility 20 minutes from my house, and we tentatively have folks signed up to come from all over North America. It's going to be a blast! Right now, my plan is to give him a complete two week vacation after ride-offs, then do the Welsh show mid-October, then take him to GP trainer's the day after.

Should be a good rest of the season!


  1. I'm irrationally excited about Pony Cup on your behalf. So fun!

  2. I am tempted to do a Welsh show in September, mostly to do ridden with Roscoe. It would be a nice break in training. You still have a packed schedule!

    1. Do it! Ridden Cob is a blast, and it always feels good to earn points for Lisa's ponies.

  3. I felt sad you won't do regionals but I fully support your plan because it does totally make sense. I remember Megan saying (maybe I might be remembering wrong) that 2nd is a slog and a lot of people skip it.

    1. That is true that people will skip showing it. GP trainer won't let me skip the movements at the very least because she says a lot of the stuff introduced at Second are diagnostics for the fundamentals, but choosing to show it is my choice.

  4. Still a full schedule even without regionals! I can't wait to read all about everything, but especially pony cup, because you know... Ponies!

    1. I mean seriously, last time I felt like such an idiot walking around going "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" but like OMG I can't help it, it's just ponies everywhere!

  5. So cool!! I never made it to Lamplight when I lived in IL, but it was always on my dream show list! Can't wait to hear about pony cup!