July 9, 2021

The One Where CGP Jumps Connor

Yesterday I got two videos from CGP...of her jumping Connor 😂



"He was getting a little bored of the Dressagey stuff. [Resident H/J trainer] had this little course set up and dropped everything down so he could have fun!"

If it's not obvious from the stills, Mary watched these two videos and her comment was "Add add add add add add" 😂

I laughed. "Putting that jump saddle to good use finally!" I was just delighted that she recognized he was bored and perhaps a little burnt out and changed the game on him like that. TBH I didn't even know she jumped! They ended that session with touching on "pirouette canter simple changes", but even if they hadn't touched Dressage at all, I wouldn't have been upset.

Apparently he didn't have gate problems with her!

Afterward, she posted these videos to her Facebook page and talked about how much fun she has with Connor, and plugged his breeder's Facebook page, which made me so happy! 

Connor gets bodywork from his Cincinnati lady this morning, then we have a lesson together, and then he's coming home with me. Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. So fun! I love your trainer and how flexible she is to suit his needs.

    1. Me too. I genuinely could not be happier with her.

  2. She really must've had fun jumping him - I lessoned with her again this weekend and she mentioned it to me "Did you see the video of me jumping Connor?!?! He is SO CUTE."

  3. That is awesome, so many people in all the disciplines seem unable to recognize burnout in the horse, CGP sounds like literally the best.