August 27, 2021

Connor Sees His Favorite Body Worker

With my emergency lesson scheduled, I sent an SOS to his favorite bodywork lady to see if she could fit us in to help him work through some of the soreness caused by the CWD.

She ended up fitting us in right before my lesson and worked on him for over an hour. And it was SO worth it.



locked up


I normally don't get to watch her bodywork sessions. She likes to do them in a stall without the owner around to distract the horse, which, since I see such a difference in him after she works on him, I don't mind at all. Clearly it's effective. But I didn't have a day stall on Sunday so she worked on him in the crossties while I sat across the aisle.

His releases were SO big, and there were so many of them. For as stoic as he is about pain, he wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to bodywork from this lady. There was one time, when she was working on his poll, that he had a release so big he scared himself and spooked, lol.

He was especially tight in the left jaw, poll, and right side of his back, right where the saddle was hurting him.

At the end she told me how much she loves working with him. "You know how you can like everyone you meet, but some people you just really click with? I feel that way with this horse, he's just my buddy, I love getting to work on him." You can tell that he really likes her too. It makes me feel good that he gets to see her anytime he's over at CGP's! And it made a big difference in my lesson the following hour.


  1. Does she work on humans too? I want the kind of releases Connor is getting!!

  2. Finding a good body worker is the best ever! I've had some horses that it doesn't seem to help much, but others it's kind of life changing. So glad Connor's was able to help him before the show!