August 26, 2021

Lesson Wrap-Up: Party Favor

I showed up for my emergency lesson on Sunday in Mary's flatter-than-flat CWD SE01. It's as huntery as it gets.

CGP was like, I don't doubt this would work, but let's see if we can do you better.

And that's how I ended up taking home a party favor.

I will actually review this saddle after I'm done with it, because it's everything I hate and everything he hates but we're both going quite well in it. Just one more data point to show Dressage saddle fitting is an absolute crap shoot.

It's a 17.5" XW Trilogy that belongs to one of the barn's two resident Haflingers (of course it does, haha). Mary didn't get to go with me, but I sent her fitting photos and she said, "Well, I wouldn't let you buy it, but you could've done a lot worse for something you're borrowing for 6 rides."

I definitely could be worse.

Despite the long front gussets and "awful" point billet (Mary, lol), Connor did not hate it and had no issues keeping his chest up, when I remembered to make him.

Forgot my black gloves so white gloves it is

The lesson itself was so productive and much needed after Wednesday's lesson. Her lessons immediately before shows are subtly different from her normal lessons. They have more of a "here's how we're going to get it done" feel and less of a "we're going to pick this apart and make it absolutely perfect" feel, and I appreciate that, because there's nothing worse than going into a show worried about perfection.

Just gonna screenshot this great canter over and over

She told me to carry my hands lower and in front of the saddle, which was a completely new feeling for me, but I could tell immediately that something just felt right about it. So I've been carrying my hands a little too high, which activates my biceps. Interesting.

Still a pretty mediocre medium trot, but he's doing an above average job (for him) of keeping his breastplate up here!

There's an interesting place we got to in the canter work that I don't have a fully formed thought about yet. In order to REALLY collect his canter enough for good c-w's, I have to get so involved with my own body. It's hard, and it looks like shit, and it's so not automatic, but when I can muster the strength and coordination to do it right, FINALLY the c-w's come easily and with good quality. But of course it's just easier to let him cruise, so I am constantly self-sabotaging at home when no one is around to make me really dig in and make him sit.

First of two very early mornings this week!

At any rate, I left for Chicago yesterday with a real live Dressage saddle to show in, which is exciting!


  1. Yay! So exciting! Also why are saddles so weird...

  2. Muster that strength and coordination and kick butt!

  3. His hind leg reach through the canter *heart eyes*

    Best of luck! You'll be fab I'm sure!

  4. So glad you found something to ride in that's not a super flat CWD (ew). I'm a hunter princess through and through, but I can't with a flat seat anymore. Excited to read about your show! Hope you have a great time!

  5. Can’t wait to read your saddle review. I have a draft cross, and I’ve been looking for a saddle that actually fits him for about a year. There’s a xxwide Trilogy Verago Elite for sale on the Internet that’s caught my eye, but I have never even heard of this saddle before. The appeal is the xxwide. I know xwide is too narrow, because I’ve tried a few different saddles, and nope, too narrow.