November 19, 2021

BO Cuddles

Our BOs are a husband and wife in their 60's/70's, and aside from the tractor stuff that the husband does for us, they aren't out at the farm much, despite living a minute away. Not because they don't love it, but because they try to give us our space, and they don't have much of a reason to be out there after their adult horsey daughter moved away.

So last night I was delighted to see them both come out at feeding time. It was the wife's first time seeing Disco up close ("But I'm going to wreck my car driving past and watching him gallop in the field!") and she asked if it was safe to go into the stall with him.

It feels good to confidently say, "Oh definitely, go right ahead and love all over him."

Angles like this you can see him slowly becoming the adult he'll be someday <3

He stepped away from his dinner to sniff her and then went back to eating while she totally mugged him lol. It was adorable.

Such a good baby

Happy weekend, y'all!

My backyard right now


  1. He's such a special guy! The baby at our barn is a mild terrorist.

    1. I am definitely not implying that he won't eventually get to mild terrorist stage, lol. But at least his baseline is "neutral good"

    2. Haha! I think you'll be okay. The one here has reached that status and isn't even weaned yet!