November 22, 2021

Product Review: Crafty Ponies

About a month ago, I was first made aware of LeMieux dropping these super cute stuffed ponies that had tiny accessory sets with them. Pretty quickly though, I saw a second post on social media about a small business that's been making something very similar for much longer.

I'm not getting into all of the details or passing judgment - it does look bad, but I don't have the whole story, and this is not a gossip post. I share this only to explain how I found the original Crafty Ponies and bought one for Annie's third birthday this month:

Crafty Ponies is a UK-based business that makes stuffed ponies with braidable manes and tails, as well as (unlike the apparent LeMieux knockoffs) an enormous range of accessories to go with them. And I do truly mean enormous.

You can actually shoe them! Note the shoe on the pony's back hoof.


There's even, no joke, an intestinal parasite accessory kit, hahaha.

It's basically an American Girl doll for horse kids, but with the added bonus of being educational. Each item includes a detailed instruction manual and activity book, and despite everything being a child's scale toy, they treat all aspects of pony care as if it were real. 

Mary and Jeffrey try to provide "Annie-sized" tools in all aspects of her life as much as they can, and these grooming tools are perfectly sized for a small three-year-old's hands. Bluetooth headset for scale.

I bought Annie a pony, the grooming kit and a halter and lead rope, and each product came with its own extensive instruction/education booklet, containing information like how to safely lead your pony, how to tie a quick release knot, how to do different braids in the pony's mane and tail, etc etc. It had to have been 50 total pages of content across the four products! 

The idea behind this educational part of Crafty Ponies is that every skill the child learns on the stuffed pony will directly translate to real horses, so they go far out of their way to make every item and every piece of tack identical to the real thing.

The best part for me as the doting aunt is that until she outgrows it, I have years of birthday and Christmas presents lined up, lol. For Christmas, she's getting a bridle and a saddle (or maybe I'll spend the extra $15 for the English leather upgrade, not sure), and then maybe next year when she's four we can get into some of the more technical items.

They sell tiny riders with XC body protectors! Also the pony has a mouth, so the bridles do actually have bits.

Annie, for her part, totally loved it. It was just icing on the cake that each Crafty Pony comes with a "CP" monogram on the butt - for Crafty Pony, naturally, but since Annie calls Connor "ConnorPony", it just made the whole thing extra perfect.

And as I knew she would, Mary got right to work braiding the pony's mane and tail, lol. Her non-horsey mom was even able to put a hunter braid into the tail while Mary and I were gone that day, just by following the instruction booklet. Fun for kids and adults!

Putting a running braid in while talking to her mom

Bottom line: This is an outstanding Christmas present for young horse-crazy kids ages probably two and up. At two, it's just a cute stuffed animal, but as kids get older it can be a fun teaching tool also.

This is the "chestnut" Crafty Pony. They also have a palomino that's much lighter in color.

What: CraftyPonies

Where: if you're in the US, if you're in the UK

Price: The pony is $41.95 and then the accessories range in price from about $5 to $75 for some of the more intricate leatherwork, such as the Western saddle/bridle set.

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own hard-earned money, don't know this shop owner and am not receiving any compensation for this review.


  1. I'd seen these before as teaching for braiding, but had no idea the extent of the accessories and detail! They're amazing!

    1. They really are. The braiding instructions are quite extensive, I wish I'd taken a picture of them. There's a lot you can learn on it.

  2. Normally horse crazy kid + Crafty Ponies = better start pony shopping...
    SO cute and educational ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh I apologize to Mary's husband/Annie's dad at least once a week. He's mentally committed to and even excited about the farm they're going to buy someday so they can retire Connor for me as Annie's jungle gym, lol.

  3. I have seen these, but didn't know about the instructions and education they came with! So brilliant. I kinda want one.

    1. I mean I think you need one, lol. They have a Shiny lookalike!

  4. I would have LOVED that as a kid!!

  5. Oh my gosh these are SO cute, my niece is turning 2 in January and I think I might get her one. She's super into leading, brushing, and picking out feet right now so the pony + grooming kit + halter would be perfect for her! Thank you for the amazing idea!! And I love supporting a small/not Amazon business too.

  6. These are so great!!! And also the perfect gateway drug, lol!

  7. I wish my kids were more horse crazy like I had been at their age. My partner would not appreciate MORE horsey items in the house for them at this point LOL