January 7, 2022

Disco's Blanketing Failure

Overnight last night we got hit with our first taste of Actual Winter (tm) and the coldest night of Disco's life so far. We've had a mild one so far, and still have yet to get a single flake of snow, but nonetheless it got down to 8F last night.

So I figured, he doesn't really NEED a blanket, especially not in the barn, but it wouldn't hurt and it would be a great opportunity for him to learn how to wear the blanket Nicole sent us, that his grandpa Roscoe and cousin Ember also wore. We had practiced wearing it when it first arrived in November and he was fine with it.

Man he has grown, lol

But pretty quickly (like, two minutes) after I got it on him last night, I heard a huge "riiiiiiiiiiip" noise and my barnmates laughing uproariously. Mouthy baby had completely undone the Velcro front closure and had the blanket hanging open around his chest.

I didn't get a video of that, but I closed it back on him, more tightly this time, and filmed his attempts to do that a second time.

While he did keep it on for the half hour our co-op meeting lasted that night, I decided not to leave it on him overnight. I don't want this to become a fun habit that he develops and continues when he's wearing normal non-Velcro blankets later in life.

When he couldn't get it off as easily a second time, he started to get annoyed, just like when Lisa first put the halter on him.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy is my life like this!

 I took it off once he was standing quietly with it. So while blanketing overnight was not a success, it also wasn't a complete failure either?

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you're staying warm out there.


  1. Steele used to do that. I finally gave up. And then he tried to take off Irish’s blanket. Geldings!

  2. He is adorable! I love his little temper-tantrum.

  3. Ahh babies! I can almost hear him moaning "you are ruining my life" as he paws! :-)