January 5, 2022

Product Review: Emmie's Edibles

Around the time I was bringing Disco home, a fellow Castleberry Cob owner that I met in person for the first time at Lamplight last year asked me for my address. I know and trust her and didn't think much of the request. Then this arrived:

A welcome gift for Disco! Oh my goodness, I was so surprised and touched. Liz and Rory's barnmate has a small business making fancy horse treats, and wow, check out this spread:

Every single item custom labeled with a "Welcome Disco" sticker! I could not believe how kind and generous this was of Liz. 

A few of Emmie's Edibles Christmas offerings this year

Unfortunately, it arrived at a time when Disco was being super picky about treats. He still is to a certain extent, but for a long time the only thing he'd eat were the pressed sugar treats on the right. We're making progress though, and he's eaten one of most of everything at this point.

Picky picky, but has good taste in beer apparently. PC: Austen

His brother, on the other hand, is a garbage can and thinks I should get him more baby brothers if it means getting more baby brother care packages from kind friends.


Bottom Line: Super cute horse treats that would make great gifts for friends! Connor absolutely loves all of them, and Disco's opinion doesn't count yet, haha.

What: Emmie's Edibles, a horse treat small business

Where: DM her @emmies_edibles on Instagram for a menu. Shipping available.


  1. That's such a sweet gift! Glad 1 of the boys is inhaling them LOL

  2. That's so sweet! (Literally and figuratively... ha! Sorry...) Are any of those treats soft by chance? Eros chokes on hard treats and it's tough to find cute ones from small business that are soft.

    1. None of them are, but you should reach out to her because I'm sure those little oatmeal ones up front in my pictures could be baked a little less long and would come out soft. Heck there's probably a real market for that for older horses too, so she might appreciate the inspiration.