February 4, 2022

Winter Storm and Disco Fun

Thanks to a miserable snow storm that featured a whole day of rain, followed by flash freezing, followed by 12 hours of sleet and freezing rain, followed by 6" of snow, the horses have been in since Tuesday evening this week. 


I did get them out a little bit Wednesday evening, and Connor and I had a fantastic lesson that night, but otherwise they've been stuck inside, which I hate, but it's for their own good since we don't have run-in shelters in most of the pastures.

To my surprise, CONNOR was actually the one to quietly move the ball across the arena on Wednesday night

 On Thursday evening, with our county's travel status at red (emergency responders only), I made the decision not to go out and clean my stalls. The PM feeder (who lives less than a mile away) did make it out, and the power has stayed on so the auto-waterers stayed on. 

It was in the 40s/50s the two days before the storm, so I took the opportunity to clear all the wet/old sawdust that had been at the back of our sawdust bin for years out before we get a new load next week. Which left us with...not a lot, lol. But we'll be fine.


In the end I decided that the horses could live in dirty stalls for an extra night, but we couldn't live without our only vehicle and our only driver if something happened to me and the truck, since Nick can't drive for 6 months. No regrets about that decision - they're having a hell of a time clearing the roads since they couldn't pre-treat them due to the rain, it's a skating rink out there.


Just in case the power went out...

The PM feeder did toss my boys out in the indoor though, and Disco finally started getting rowdy with the big ball for the first time. It's tough being 9 months old and inside so much!

It's fun to see him get a little more rambunctious lately, and how about that effortless sit in the second GIF? Love that hind leg structure!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I've never had access to a big ball; always love videos showing horses playing with them! Hope you all stay safe.

  2. Ugh, that weather is the worst! We're getting it now, it's been raining all day, but everything is about to flash freeze in the next hour or so. Glad the boys got to have some indoor playtime though! Disco looks like he loves the ball!

  3. I'm just over here enjoying African weather, thanks, lol. So glad to see you back in the blogosphere.