February 7, 2022

Connor's 2022 Season

We're deep into the worst time of the year in the Midwest: endless grey skies, endless lifeless landscapes, short days and the occasional snowstorm just to make things pretty while also making life harder than it needs to be.

The sun is still pretty damn high in the sky at 5:30 right now though, so I'll take it!

So this is when I sit down and start thinking about the next show season, because nothing gets me out of bed and out to the barn more than having some goals and a timeline. This is why I show, after all!

Let's start with the hard one. Connor. If we're showing at all this year, it will be Third - but that's a big "if", since we don't have all the pieces for 3-1 yet. And if you think that puts a lot of pressure on me to get those pieces in place quickly, it doesn't. I've already mentally written this show year off, not because I don't think we'll get there, but because I'm not showing until he's ready, and I'm on no one's timeline but his.

This face is only going to keep getting more white 😭 PC: Austen

(Exception: I would (and am still eligible to) show Pony Cup at Second again. Just because it's fun and Leah better freaking be showing there with me this year!)

Ideally though, we'd be able to knock out our Bronze scores by the end of the season. For that, we need, at a minimum:

  • Trot half pass: Needs work, but it's there
  • Extended walk: Needs work, but it's there
  • TOH: These are really coming along, actually
  • Flying changes: I've still never done one myself, and he's in the "they're there, they're not there, they're there, they're not there" stage when CGP is in the saddle

PC: Austen
Part of me wants to just get the Bronze scores over with, because after that I have no more goals for Connor. That's not to say I'm going to stop showing him or anything, but the only goals I have for this horse are 1. Get my Bronze and 2. Help make me a better rider for Disco. 
He could still take me to Fourth and beyond, but if he does, it won't be because I'm pressuring us to get there. Anything beyond two mediocre 60%+ scores at 3-1 is gravy for me and this horse.
My heart horse, my partner in crime, the extension of my brain. PC: Austen

And part of me wants to do it right, to not show until everything is perfect. The reality will probably be somewhere in the middle, though. 
So right now, the plan is not to show Connor at all in the first half of the season, maybe come out for Pony Cup at Second, then see what we're ready for in the second half. Unfortunately, there aren't many opportunities for schooling shows in the first half of the season, AND I think we'll need CGP around to be successful coming out at Third, so our Third debut may be rated. That's not as scary of an idea as it used to be, though, since CGP won't BS me about whether we are or aren't ready to show rated at a level.

He'll be sixteen in May, I can hardly believe it! PC: Austen

Regardless of what showing looks like though, there will still be lots of adventures and lots of learning!


  1. #NDPC2022 🥳🥳🥳
    (You know, if I could ever actually ride my horse 😬)

  2. Sounds like a good plan! I think you'll get in the ring sooner than you expect. You and Connor work so hard and you have a great trainer in your corner. That said, showing isn't the be all end of all of everything, so if it's on pause for the year, nothing wrong with that either! The journey is the best part!

  3. I've never been one to wait until things are "perfect" before showing at any particular level and that worked out for me with a lot of different horses. But that was back when there were a lot more schooling and league shows available around here; sadly, most of those are no longer held. Sure would be helpful to have them for Stella, who is quite unlike any horse I've trained before. Setting showing goals and training towards them just isn't going to work with her, IMO.

  4. I can't wait to see what you all accomplish this year, whether in the show ring or not! This is usually my goal setting time too, but without a rideable ring & no trainer right now, it hasn't happened yet... oops!

  5. I hope Leah shows with you at Pony Cup! How freaking fun would that be!

  6. Sounds like a great plan! I can't believe he will be 16 soon either!