February 28, 2022

Hello World, It's Me, CobJockey

It's been a rough month for blogging! Really it's been a rough month for anything horsey. I won't apologize, life happens and so does winter. Fortunately we should be really turning the corner toward Spring soon - this first week of March is predicted to be sunny and in the 50s most of the week!

I need this. Badly.

Both boys continue to be good. Connor hasn't gotten worked as much as I'd like, but our lessons with CGP aren't suffering for it, so I'm giving myself some grace where that's concerned. 

I've been spotted, lol

I think Disco's hormones may be starting to come in. He tried to bite (with teeth) one of the co-op members one morning a few weeks ago, which is very unlike him. Fortunately for Future Disco/unfortunately for Current Disco, that co-op member takes no shit where that's concerned and promptly but politely gave him a Coming to Jesus Moment about biting people. And he hasn't tried it with anyone since.

Juuuuuust baby horse things

His stall also got suspiciously neat almost overnight earlier this month and stayed that way. It's never been awful, but it went from "okay" to "amazing" like a switch flipped. And since I'm the one doing his stall every day, I sincerely appreciate it!

Add $5k to his value right here

More interesting content coming your way soon, I promise!


  1. I hope things are settling down for you! Also, I seriously love when someone that needs to handle my horse regularly is not afraid to discipline my horse for being an a$$, lol -- glad you have that in your corner with your co-op peeps!

    1. Definitely, and I've been clear on that from the beginning. I trust, expect and want them to discipline him if he deserves it, and after so many years boarding together, they know what I want in my finished horse behavior-wise. I honestly wouldn't have brought a weanling home if I had any question about my co-op members where this is concerned, since every interaction with a weanling (including just haltering and leading!) is a training session.

  2. sometimes a blogging break has just gotta happen, no sense forcing it. glad things are going well tho! and omg that stall pic looks exactly like the little stud piles in our shetland stallion paddocks haha

  3. That is one of the great things about stallions... the neat stall! I swear as soon as I gelded Jamp he got piggy in his stall. Hope things are settling down some for you and you can get more saddle time in soon!

  4. I can relate to it being a tough month for horse-related things! I left home on Feb. 11 to help my parents clean some junk out of their house, with reservations to fly home on Feb. 17 and resume my life and riding. Instead, on Feb. 11 my dad ended up in the hospital for eight days, eventually being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I'm still here, helping as much as I can, for another eight days. I'll be surprised if Stella hasn't self-combusted by the time I get home, since my guys aren't turning her out and she's a hot little number.

  5. Wonderful to hear from you!

    I was just out in the Midwest, touring colleges that my teen was accepted to. Your first photo was the epitome of the scenery that we saw while driving almost 800 in the 3 days we were there. I had never traveled much in the Midwest before and it was beautiful! Very different from New England.

    We still have at least another 4 to 6 weeks before I can think about spring. And mud season :(

  6. I remember not having a ton of horse motivation this time of year in the midwest!

  7. I am so jealous of that stall!!

  8. Carlos was a very neat horse in the stall and he was gelded late, whereas my two geldings who were geldings early are absolute pigs. I wonder sometimes..