March 2, 2022

Connor Starts to Play

For the first month Connor was home, he politely laid down the law with Disco and didn't engage in bitey face or any of the reindeer games Disco and Zippy used to do. This is okay with me, Connor is a benevolent dictator and won't REALLY hurt him, and I wanted Disco to be taught he's not the center of the universe.

 But in the last couple of weeks, Connor has suddenly changed his stance on playing with him, and everyone in the co-op has noticed, lol.

Face punch!

Disco still annoys the shit out of him sometimes (baby bites on a clipped neck cannot be pleasant), and I find it hilarious that Connor has started preemptively lifting a hind foot anytime Disco goes behind him so he can (politely) tell him off if necessary. But more often than not, he's started to actually play with him.

Bitey face

Nice to see that those almost 16-year-old hocks are feeling good enough for these kinds of shenanigans

Two can play the rearing game

The only thing Connor really doesn't like is when Disco plays with the ball around him. Connor and the ball have a...guarded and tenuous relationship, lol.He'll cheerfully play with it by himself, but wants no part of Disco sending it his way.


One of these is a little more coordinated than the other...

Just beginning to move more like an adult and less like a baby, butt-high and all

Nice to see my boys enjoying each other, even if it's still a bit of a love-hate relationship for Connor!


  1. Seems like Connor just wanted his brother to know the all rules before he gave in and started having fun :-P

  2. Connor seems like the perfect older brother! Firm when needed but still willing to indulge in play.

  3. Awww!!!! This is so great! Being bros!

  4. If Disco moves like that as a butt high baby, he's going to leave a wake of dropped jaws when he's done!

  5. Too cute!! Connor is lucky he's still bigger!