December 31, 2016

A Quick 2016 Year in Review

I usually break up a long recap into two posts, but this year I'm going to do a quick recap all at once.  Partially because I procrastinated and it's now the 31st, and partially because I'm in a lake house with my college friends and need to get this done pronto so I can go luging!


I realized I wanted to focus on Dressage and sent in the entry for my first show at First Level, a schooling show in February.

Connor lost his damn mind at the show, we got into a terrifying trailering incident, and taught FBR to braid.

I bought a saddle, Connor got his teeth done, and I started wearing white gloves in lessons so my trainer could see my wayward hands better.

My mom met America Pharoah, and work generally kept me from riding - and posting (I only posted 9 times in April.)


What Ramone thought of me on his back
I watched Connor's full sister perform an Intermediare test at the HHP, and hung out with Paddy, JenJ, Sean and Taran while they were in my state for a jousting competition.  While there, I: slept in my truck, wore a tunic, did a scotch tasting under the stars, put cabbages on tent spikes, had lattes made by Sean and Lucia every morning, and watched JenJ teach a class on 1500's Dressage...I think that was the best week of my 2016.

Connor and I took an epic weekend road trip that started with a Nancy K lesson, then moved to a sleepover at his breeder's complete with trail riding and baby ponies, then went to the Hoosier Horse Park where we showed 1-2 (73%) and 1-3 (69%) - and had Karen stay the night!  Oh and bonus: I had a tire delaminate on my trailer and a cop fixed it with zip ties.


Equinpilot came to meet Connor and ride him, my mom took a lesson on Louie, and we got the rest of the scores we needed at Harmony in the Park.

Our championship show did not go well, Connor ate so much salt he stocked himself up, and I bought and half-sold a Devoucoux that cost a miraculous $1100.

I put Connor in full training and took a riding vacation.  I finally got around to writing about meeting Bob Baffert.

My trainer and I went in on a Pixio Move n' See and it totally changed the way I blog. 

Have a safe and happy New Year's, and Connor and I will catch you in 2017!


  1. You had a very busy but rewarding year, it looks like :) On to 2017!

  2. You had a busy year!

    (And I totally read luging as 'lunging'

  3. Great year for you guys! Looking forward to 2017!!

  4. Happy New Years and I can't wait to continue to read about you and Connor's progress in 2017!

  5. Busy year! Jealous you got to ride Ramona! He we still really green when I met him way back when.

  6. Super year for you and Connor! Looking forward to seeing you both at shows in 2017.

  7. Such an awesome year, I love these catch up posts especially as I was such a bad blog reader in 2016.

  8. LOL that's Ramone's normal face. I'm glad you came and visited and had a good year overall!